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Road traffic collisions can be devastating to all involved. Over 95% of them are because of Driver Error. Modern vehicles are safer than they have ever been, but the figures remain frighteningly high.


MB Consultancy can help keep you, and your employees safer by offering bespoke training and risk management packages.


Drawing on over 15 years of Roads Policing and 10 years of Driver Training experience, Martin, our lead consultant, can assess, train, and develop a safer way forward. Using the DVSA, College of Policing standards, and a DriverMetrics® accredited Psychometric profile, we can work towards a safer future.


Some can offer one, we can offer all three packages in one.

01. Advanced Driver training

As an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), and with 10 years as an advanced Police driver trainer, Martin can offer you advanced drving techniques not normally available to the public. Once we pass our Driving test, we rarely are offered additional help with one of the most dangerous things we do every day. Let us help open your eyes.

02. Risk profiling

Life is a risk, we take risks every day. By using an accredited psychometric profile, we work together to identify what your individual risk might be, and how we can manage it. Used by many large companies to select new employees, we can also offer this to much smaller companies. This can have many benefits, certainly financially, but much more valuable.

03. TRACK DAY & Vehicle Experiences

Track day events are becoming increasingly popular, as a safe and exhilarating chance to explore and understand the capabilities of a vehicle.

We have a wide range of experience working on the track as an instructor and a mentor with high-performance vehicles.



Advanced Training Consultant

MBCon Martin Boyden

Martin Boyden

Lead Consultant

Martin Boyden is a retired Advanced Police Driver trainer, who specialised in all aspects of car training, for over 10 years.

As a qualified Police and ADI approved trainer, Martin can bring the skills, training, and determination to developing your drivers to reach their full potential, whilst reducing their RISK.

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