Case No.1

Officer on RESPONSE, driving at high speed, loses control of Police Vehicle at high speed. The resulting collision caused serious injury to both officers, and the total destruction of the vehicle. During the profile, the officer indicated as high risk for FATIGUE, ANXIETY, and RE APPRAISAL COPING. The subsequent interview revealed that the officer had issues during training, which resulted in Anxiety whilst driving, and that they had no mechanism to deal with the pressures of RESPONSE. The drive showed up incorrect steering techniques, which had resulted in the subsequent collision. The identified skills gap was addressed with a bespoke training package, reducing the inherent Anxiety. A subsequent profile six months later showed the officer scored considerably lower on the risk index, was considerably more efficient, and safer.

Case No.2

2. Officer identified as developing risk, due to receiving a number of speeding tickets in a short period of time. The profile indicated high risk for FATIGUE, HIGH MILEAGE, ANXIETY, and CONFRONTATIVE COPING. There was also an issue with IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT. During interview, it was apparent that the officer, had endured a difficult change in personal circumstances, which had resulted in weekly lengthy journeys to visit their estranged children. They had not informed their line managers, as they felt it would not be understood, or result in their loss of post on a unit. The officer was unaware of the support facilities available to them via welfare. This resulted in mediation, between all parties, allowing the officer the required space to adjust to the new circumstances.

Case No.3

3. Officer recently posted to a new team. Identified by that team as a developing high risk, due to frequent Policy breaches, including going the wrong way around a roundabout. The profile identified as high risk for FATIGUE, THRILL SEEKING, HAZARD PERCEPTION, HIGH MILEAGE, and CONFRONTATIVE COPING. They also scored very highly on IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT. The assessment drive showed excessive use of the controls, especially harsh braking, and very poor and late decision making. During interview, the officer revealed that they were desperate to make a good first impression on a highly skilled and close-knit team, and that they felt unwelcomed. They had tried to compensate by going to every commitment and getting there first. A plan was developed for the officer, to move to a different team, and to receive mentoring from a person they trusted. The officer remains on that team and is a valued member.


Some testimonies taken from my leaving cards….

Thanks for being an absolute legend of an instructor.
One of life’s true gentlemen.
Thank you for all the excellent courses over the years.
Thank you for taking the time to work with my learning style. No one else has.
Thank you for being the best instructor.
Congratulations, you taught me a lot.
A job well done.
Won’t be the same on driving courses without you.
Some of my best memories on driving courses, were with you.
You made the hardest course of my career, one of the easiest.

From staff appraisals

If I have a difficult task, I give it to Martin, because I can trust him to deal with it.
He’s currently doing three roles for me, because one isn’t enough for him.
You took the driver training material, and made it workable for everyone.

From psychometric

No one listened to me, and I was making costly mistakes. You gave me a way forward.
Once you broke down the issues, it gave me the chance to be the roads policing officer I wanted to be.
I’ve told any of my colleagues what I felt comfortable to tell you. Now I can move forward again.
I nearly killed myself to prove something, that you showed me, didn’t need proving.

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