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Track day experiences are becoming increasingly popular, as a safe and exhilarating chance to explore and understand the capabilities of a vehicle. Wide, smooth tarmac, no speed limits, vehicles all going in the same direction, and the history that most tracks exude make it an unforgettable experience.

Just to be Stirling Moss for one day is a memory few forget. To drive that Ferrari, that used to be a poster on a bedroom wall. Only 6% of vehicle owners ever partake in a track day or a vehicle experience day, but the popularity increases year on year.

However, the laws of physics still apply, and whilst it is a much safer and predictable environment, a small risk remains. This is frequently managed with a trainer, or mentor, who acts as a safety blanket.

MB Consultancy UK has a long history of track-work on two and four wheels. We have worked closely with Jaguar, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, and Rapid Training for over a decade. They have worked at all the major UK circuits (except Silverstone), and many airfield circuits.

Whether it has been the sweeping curves of Cadwell Park, the beautiful simplicity of Mallory or the long straights of RAF Kemble, we have made lifelong memories. With safety at the top of the list for all, we have enabled drivers and riders to make the most of their day. The participants are always buzzing by lunchtime, and many don’t want to go home.

Use the knowledge and experience of MB Consultancy UK to enhance your customers’ day, or simply protect your companies’ valuable assets.

Interested, but would like further information, just fill out our ‘Contact Us‘ form and Martin Boyden, our resident consultant will be happy to discuss with you any concerns or questions you may have.

Sywell Aerodrome track day event May 2021

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