What is Advanced Driver training?

and what is its value to me?

Do you learn to drive with an instructor, or simply learn how to pass that test?

And once you pass, do you ever consider getting further training to develop your skill set? Or do you learn by trial and error, and hope that your mistakes are not life changing?

If your golf swing is off, you book a session with the course professional. Yet few seek that sort of help with their driving. It’s probably the most dangerous thing you do every day. Using ROADCRAFT, and the latest College of Policing learning standards, MB Consultancy UK can tailor your day in order for you to learn in a blended way. A way in which the knowledge becomes embedded and remains a skill for life.

ROADCRAFT has been the bible from which Police drivers have crafted their skills over the last six decades. Officers that are still widely accepted as the best drivers in the world. Whilst ROADCRAFT is now readily available to the public, its contents remain a mystery for many. Let an accredited expert take you through the elements and bring it to life!

Observation remains the key to being a good and safe advanced driver. With 60% of all collisions occurring at junctions, why are so many missing at least 3 vital clues that they are approaching this most dangerous of hazards?

Why are left-hand bends so much more dangerous than right-hand bends? And why is it so much easier to lose control?

Let MB Consultancy UK help you pick up those vital of clues. You don’t get a second chance to get it right, so let’s ensure you have a plan to deal with it.

As a Roads Police Officer for over 15 years, Martin attended many catastrophic road traffic collisions; and less than a handful did I think the driver had been unlucky. Virtually all were down to poor hazard perception, planning, and simply not looking.

For ten years as a Police Advanced Driver Trainer, Martin Boyden worked with officers and staff of all abilities, and brought them up to an accredited standard. Many went on to specialist units, undertaking the most strenuous of roles as safely as they could.

Anyone can drive fast, anyone can drive in a straight line. But few know how to apply power to manage speed and balance a vehicle through a bend, an advanced driver knows.

Let us show you those vital building blocks to help develop you into the driver you always wanted to be.

Interested, but would like further information, just fill out our ‘Contact Us‘ form and Martin Boyden, our resident consultant will be happy to discuss with you any concerns or questions you may have.

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