What is Psychometric testing

and what is its value to me?

Psychometric testing is an unbiased and objective view of a driver’s potential risk profile, measuring their potential risk against a validated database. It consists of a 25-minute computer-based series of questions, supported by a review of the results. It is not pass or fail.

Corporate manslaughter is a criminal offence where a business or organisation is found to have caused a person’s death. Your business can be prosecuted for the offence of corporate manslaughter if the way in which its activities are managed causes a death through a gross breach of duty of care to the deceased.

With the recent advent of this offence of Corporate Manslaughter, your company now has a legal obligation to mitigate risk. If you have a known, or developing risk, you must do something about it. MB Consultancy UK can help you identify and manage that risk. Once you know about it, you have to do something. You have that duty of care.

Your company has probably spent a lot of money recruiting, developing, and training your staff. Many are valued employees that you do not wish to lose. Managing their risk means that you can help keep them safer and reduce the chances of death and serious injury to them and others. Even minor collisions can take them, and their vehicle off the road, causing major inconvenience. The costs, including increased insurance premiums cannot be overstated. Companies are being refused motor insurance, on a basis not seen before in the market-place. This has included various Police Services.

The UK still has about 3500 fatalities per year. That’s 20 a day. There are over 25,000 serious injuries caused by Road Traffic Collisions every year. A serious injury is defined by ‘not returning to work with six months. Cars are becoming so much safer, but these figures stubbornly remain at high levels. It can only be down to the driver, and their behaviours.

If your drivers cover 25,000 miles a year, they have a 1 in 250 chance of being involved in a fatal road traffic collision during their driving career. Many company car drivers cover many thousands of miles more than that per year. You owe it to them, to keep them as safe as possible.

Using the DriverMetrics accredited profile, MB Consultancy can give your ‘risk’ drivers the chance to avoid a potential catastrophe. For a fee which is less than most people’s insurance excess. By showing them their potential areas of risk, supported by a full report, and developed with a structured drive, you give them the best chance.

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